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Best burger in town, thank you!

Michael, 17 Jan 2021

Very tasty and fresh food especially chicken shish. Packed separately! so you don't end up with any saggy pitta bread! Having it 2nd week in a row :)

Jo, 15 Jan 2021

quality food

Scott, 14 Jan 2021

quality food

Scott, 11 Jan 2021

Really nice.

Pedro, 10 Jan 2021

Ordered for the first time on recommendation from a mate and it was excellent food.

Ken, 09 Jan 2021

It took over an hour to be delivered

Julie, 07 Jan 2021

quality food and very consistent

Scott, 04 Jan 2021

Best kebab in Bournemouth

Stuart, 03 Jan 2021

excellent food

Scott, 30 Dec 2020

quality food

Scott, 29 Dec 2020


Rebecca, 27 Dec 2020


Rebecca, 27 Dec 2020


Oliwia, 27 Dec 2020

Good food

Ethan, 26 Dec 2020

very happy as always before. many thanks and have a Nice Christmas

Michael, 24 Dec 2020


Scott, 23 Dec 2020

quality food

Scott, 21 Dec 2020

Also the burger I ordered was stone cold what did the driver do pull it straight from the freezer!

Robert, 18 Dec 2020

Kebab stone cold as salad was like ice and next to no donner meat

Robert, 18 Dec 2020

quality food !

Scott, 15 Dec 2020


Russ, 14 Dec 2020

Pizzas were burnt

Saskia, 10 Dec 2020

Chips never really cooked proply

Maddie, 09 Dec 2020

quality !!

Scott, 03 Dec 2020

All proper sound people in there great food too

Aaron, 02 Dec 2020